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Websites be safe. Always wear a helmet.

Don't take risks and remember to protect your online work. Auto-backup your website against malware, hacks, user errors, updates or server crashes.

Of course you may have a local backup of a site (GitHub or RapidWeaver or Blocs files etc) but clients might be using a CMS with your site or you might have changed something on the server. In these case it’s best to also be backing up remotely so that you have backups in more places, will be working from the latest version, and it is quicker to restore in the case of an outage.

Works with RapidWeaver (Stacks 3+ Stacks included), Blocs, Dreamweaver, HTML, PHP, Bootstrap - anyway you create a site, it works. As long as you have server access and can upload Backup Dropkick.

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Backup Dropkick comes with:

  • Easy setup: just upload quickly a couple of files or publish using the Stacks in RapidWeaver (no install required)
  • Backup by email or remotely via Dropbox
  • No data retention our side - private backups that only you own (we don’t store anything)
  • Zips the whole web directory - root included
  • Automatic, daily or set interval backups possible
  • Creates backup versions
  • One-time fee - only pay per domain / site you want to backup (not every month)

Get it today individually here or for free as part of the Yuzoolthemes Bundle.