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Make Powerful forms in seconds. Finally. ✅

You can create webforms in minutes and then embed them on any website with copy and paste. Create via the Mac OS or Windows PC app and start collecting form submissions today.

You can create dynamic forms in minutes and then embed them on any website with just copy and paste. Works on any website, including any HTML/PHP sites, RapidWeaver8 (Stack Included), Blocs, WordPress, Pulse, Dropkick CMS, Sparkle - if you can embed HTML like a YouTube video then you can paste it in and it will render.

Making professional forms easily with a drag and drop builder is one thing, but we also wanted a way to quickly understand deep analytics of a form's performance and how it is converting (or not). Dropkick Just Forms is exactly that.

If you want a quick contact form just drag a few fields in seconds. If you want to spend more time and craft a more complex survey, then you can dive into that as well. Some of the use cases we've seen so for are for creating surveys, registrations, multi-step (multi-page) contact forms, mailing list signups, rsvp forms, order forms and many other kinds of forms. You even add things like reCAPTCHA to limit spam or conditional logic to your forms, as well as style them to your brand so they look just like your site design.

"Coding webforms has always been a pain. This is super easy and means I don't need to get stuck at this point anymore"

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Benefits included not found in any other Form Builder:

✅ Real-time form builder

✅ Detailed email notifications

✅ Condition login / rule builder (e.g. skip multipage form steps if x or y)

✅ Reports builder and form analytics

✅ Submission manager and dashboard login to view it all

✅ Multi-lingual forms

✅ Export to CSV

✅ No subscription

✅ Works for Mac OS and Windows PC