Navigation Stack

Create a gorgeous navigation instantly for any RapidWeaver framework theme

Whether you like to use Foundry, Foundation or Freestyle - automatically create a Mega-Mulit-Level navigation for your site. With an interactive mobile view and intuitive animations, Navigation Stack is the versatile Menu-building Stack for RapidWeaver.

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Some things that make this RapidWeaver Stack awesome:

  • Instantly create an automatic and gorgeous navigation for Foundation, Freestyle, Foundry, UI Kit, Blank theme, JW blank - any blank theme framework
  • Featuring 11 skins to instantly style your navigation: pills, strips, boxed, shadow and more!
  • Megamenu - very versatile - go as many levels deep as you want to go in RapidWeaver. Great for big sites and multi-level navigation sites.
  • Add to normal themes that have only top level menus to get 2-3-4 levels deep sites (and deeper!)
  • Add to any normal theme by hiding the current navigation with CSS and replacing with this Stack
  • Use any fonts you want from your chosen Theme, a Font Stack or select from some included Google Fonts. Add Font Awesome images to your menu items also!
  • Align left or right, control the mobile breakpoint and add optional item dividers
  • Dropdown effects with hover or click to open with drop down indicator icons
  • Fully responsive with attractive and interactive mobile optimised menu
  • Set all colours you need
  • Fixed menus option with transparent menus and scroll to a colour animation
  • Text logo or take the current logo from the RapidWeaver site project settings (PNG, JPG or SVG) or any Warehouse image. Also includes Mobile and Tablet separate logo sizes if desired.

Get it today individually here or for free as part of the Yuzoolthemes Bundle.

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